Bill Potts is a fictional character played by Pearl Mackie in Doctor Who. She first appeared in a prequel to Series 10, entitled 'Friend from the Future' as part of a publicity event to announce her character. Mackie made her first actual apperance in the premiere of Series Ten, 'The Pilot'. She was created by Steven Moffat, the show's current show runner and writer. Bill works in the canteen of St Luke's University in Bristol.

Early LifeEdit

Bill's mother died when Bill was still a child. She later admitted to the Doctor she knew little about her mother or even what she looked like.

Bill was brought up by her foster mother Moira in Bristol, and still lived with when she met the Doctor in 2017.

Before the DoctorEdit

Prior to Bill's adventures with the Doctor she worked at St Luke's University as a dinner lady in the canteen. Bill commonly served chips and gave extra portions to students she thought were attractive.

Bill took an interest in the Doctor's lecture's at the university and attended many despite not being a student.

Meeting the DoctorEdit

The Pilot - Series 10, Episode 1 Edit

The Doctor noticed Bill's attendance in his lectures and summoned her to his office. Having taken interest in her, he offered to become her private tutor, which she excitedly agreed to. She would meet with the Doctor at six o'clock every Wednesday during term time for several months.

During this period Bill met Heather, a student at St Luke's University whom Bill has a crush on. Bill notices Heather has a noticeable star shape in her iris. The stranger shows Bill what appears to be a puddle in a courtyard within the university which was troubling her due to the fact it had not rained in several weeks. Heather abruptly left Bill with the puddle, promising to see her 'another time'.

Bill alerts the puddle to the Doctor after he questions her downbeat mood. The two interrogate what the nature of the puddle in the courtyard before the Doctor encourages her to go home and do student type activities. When Bill arrives home she finds running water in the bathroom despite no-one appearing to be in the flat. As she inspects the plug hole she is shocked to see the familiar star shaped iris appear within the drain. Bill, shocked, runs through town to find the Doctor.

Heather, now is liquid form chases Bill and the Doctor into the Tardis in the Doctor's office. Startled to find that the box is bigger on the inside, the Doctor quickly demonstrates to her his machine can travel in space and time.

First AdventuresEdit

Smile - Series 10, Episode 2 Edit

  • Location: Gliese 581d, First Human off world Colony.
  • Plot: The robot servants of the colony, called Vardies, are programmed to make humans happy. In their attempt to eradicate unhappiness they slaughter every human, leaving the Doctor and Bill to question why.
  • Notable Events:
    • Given the chose of past or future, Bill chooses to visit the future to 'see if its happy'.
    • Bill discovers the human race had to abandon the Earth after something terrible happened.
    • Bill theorises that the Doctor is the equivalent of the intergalactic police.

Thin Ice - Series 10, Episode 3 Edit

  • Location: Earth, 1814, The Frost Fairs
  • Plot: Bill and the Doctor are suprised to find themselves on the frozen thames during the last days of the frost fairs. However, the pair discover someone is using the event as a means of feeding men and women to a giant serpent which lives beneath the surface.
  • Notable Events:
    • Bill is apprehensive about walking around in 1814 Britain due to slavery.
    • Bill confronts the Doctor over the matter of how many people the Doctor has watched die and killed.
    • Bill notices more black citizens of London then she previously believed lived.

Life at Home Edit

Knock, Knock - Series 10, Episode 4 Edit

Travels with the Doctor and Nardole Edit

Oxygen - Series 10, Episode 5 Edit

Dealing with the Monks Edit

Extremis - Series 10, Episode 6 Edit

Pyramid at the End of the World - Series 10, Episode 7 Edit

The Lie of the Land - Series 10, Episode 8 Edit

Further Adventures Edit

The Empress of Mars - Series 10, Episode 9 Edit

The Eaters of Light - Series 10, Episode 10 Edit

Last Adventures Edit

World Enough and Time - Series 10, Episode 11 Edit

The Doctor Falls - Series 10, Episode 12 Edit


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